Rhinoceros Gallery

In 2018 was founded rhinoceros gallery.

The artistic spaces of the rhinoceros gallery, divided between exhibitions and sales, are introduced to the public following the particular imprints along the six floors of the building. It culminates with a refreshment point and the vision of the panoramic terraces.

Inspiration of the artistic and cultural proposal of the art gallery and the Fondazione Alda Fendi -Esperimenti.

The concept of “Esperimento” is the true identity and the strength of the Foundation: from the beginning it is providing space for research, conjugating art and show, archeological past and technology, with the intent to challenge the definition and the formulas by being free from the patterns and rules.

With rhinoceros, it has been created an exhibition space of 800 square meters in the Forum Boarium, an area of central importance in the Ancient Rome.

The requalification of the area includes the recovery and restructuring -signed by the archistar Jean Nouvel- of a historical building, between the Velabro, the Palatine and the Mouth of the Truth, named “rhinoceros”. With six floors dedicated to the art, from the strong sign and non-conventional, this architecture always in tension is an engine for creativity and a place of culture to produce Esperimenti in complete freedom.

rhinoceros inspired by The Arcades Project by Walter Benjamin, offers an innovative and extra-ordinary way, with exhibitions, multimedial creation, action, artistic interferences ranging from visual art to performance, but also a space to inhabit and to live the art in the art.

In this perspective of the rehabilitation of the Forum Boarium area some interventions donated by Alda Fendi to the city of Rome have been done, among which the permanent illumination of the Arch of Janus, gift from Alda Fendi to the city of Rome and made by Vittorio Storaro (Oscar winner for Apocalypse Now, Reds, L’ultimo imperatore) and Francesca Storaro (lighting designer).

The objective, today as always, to create Esperimenti where to live, dwell, as in an “art city”. From past to future, passing through a present in continuous and quick transformation.