Pier Paolo Pasolini They will keep you from shining. And you shine instead. A phrase by Pasolini become so famous that it is also quoted by very young people. A tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini, made of 110 photographs by Dino Pedriali that portray him in his home in Sabaudia and in Chia, near Viterbo. This "testament of the body" is a precious testimony of the life and the work of a great intellectual and poet, who appears - in these frames - immersed in writing, in the creation of his works, alongside the manuscript of Lettere Luterane, from which the title of the exhibition is drawn, ore even depicted naked, in a group of 15 unpublished images. Also on display the reproduction of the Corriere della Sera page bearing the famous text Il vuoto di potere in Italia (The power vacuum in Italy), even known as "the article of the fireflies". In this text Pasolini uses the poetic image of the disappearance of fireflies to create an analogy with the failure of democratic development in Italy. At the entrance, the visitor is welcomed by the same sound of the opening credits of Pasolini's film Edipo re and throughout the exhibition is accompanied by the voice of Pier Paolo Pasolini. Screening of the film Edipo Re by Pier Paolo Pasolini.