Doppio Singolare “Luis Buñuel, Spanish filmmaker oriented to surrealism, artist behind the camera, with ability he anticipates the psychoanalytic syllogisms, representing the most authentic dimensions of human existence. Nothing didactically rational nor common artifices, but sequences of apparent illogicality that illustrate the principle of non-contraddition that does not characterize the unconscious”. (Jacques Lacan) Man Ray and Luis Buñuel… Two figures, one dialogue, a surrealist action. From October 25th to December 10th a new cultural initiative led by the Fondazione Alda Fendi -Esperimenti takes place at rhinoceros gallery, the art gallery of rhinoceros, the building designed by Jean Nouvel for Alda Fendi. Two important personalities of the surrealism, two distinct and indelible creative minds, will be presented during the exhibition Doppio Singolare by the mastery of Raffaele Curi, an Esperimento in which boundaries of the disciplines are exceeded, just as it is in the soul of the Foundation, which since 2001 promotes experimentations together with artistic and cultural contaminations .