Intro Istantanee dell'assurdo:
The famous playwright Eugène Ionesco (1909 - 1994), among the leading exponent of the theatre of the absurd, arrives in Rome celebrated by meetings with the protagonists of the Italian cultural landscape of that time (from Palma Bucarelli to Franca Valeri to Giulietta Masina). Along the exhibition path, the screening of Rhinoceros, directed by Tom O’Horgan, based on the theatrical text of Ionesco, one of the inspiration from which derives the name of the building, rhinoceros. The film is set in a city where an epidemic of rhinoceros illness appears, and transforms human into rhinoceros. Strict criticism against any form of standardization and condemnation to the conformism of the commonplaces, the main protagonists are Gene Wilder (actor, screenwriter, filmmaker), Karen Black (Easy Rider, The great Gatsby, Nashville) and Zero Mostel, film and theatre actor, between the characters of the entertainment's world included in the black list of Hollywood during the McCarthyism.