Istantanee dell'assurdo:
Beckett & Beckett is the second step of Istantanee dell’assurdo, a collection of images, sounds and words dedicated to the theatrical genius of Samuel Beckett. Settanta foto di Giorni Felici di Samuel Beckett documents the journey of the “photographer of the Italian theatre”, Tommaso Le Pera, in the masterpiece of the Irish writer, published and represented for the first time in 1961 and has since been subject to numerous accomplishments. In front of the eyes pass the most interesting and fascinating mise en scène of the Italian and international scene: from Antonio Calenda to Robert Wilson, from Mario Missiroli to Anna Marchesini to Claudio Jankowski. Still: Giampiero Solaro, Riccardo Caporossi, Andrea Renzi, Giancarlo Cauteruccio, Marco Isidori. Seventy photos and ten installations of Happy Days, later translated into French from Beckett himself in Oh les beaux jours. The directors of Beckett talking about Beckett:
10 July Claudio Jankowski;
12 July Riccardo Caporossi;
14 July Giancarlo Sepe;
20 July Antonio Calenda.
Every meetings are at 7pm until all the available places have been booked.